Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Well, Hello, 2013.


I just sat down at the computer to say Happy New Year's and all that jazz, and to type something I thought was funny and amusing and appropriate, and then I was distracted by a little... something... floating around my head.... a little dark thing I couldn't focus on.

I thought it was a furball floating on the drafts from the heat vents in this room. So I grabbed it.

Nope. Not a furball. A spider. Hanging from his or her LONG web thread hanging from the ceiling? All the way down to my face? Really?

Hello, little alien thing with 8 legs.

That's good luck, right? Especially on New Year's? That's gotta be good luck, yeah?

The Spider-Creature had good luck because it got saved, not squished.

So. Yeah. I say that's a sign of good luck for 2013.

Happy 2013, ya'll.