Thursday, January 01, 2015

How to IMPROPERLY Embroider A Fox Onto A Tshirt.

1. Agree to cat sit for brother.
2. Decide on a whim I need to embroider something onto a piece of clothing.
3. Grab closest article of clothing.
4. Consider for brief moment ironing said article of clothing. Immediately dismiss that idea out of laziness and apparent need for immediate gratification.
5. Pet cat while deciding what to embroider. Can't decide. Decide on fox for unknown reason.
6. Remove cat from lap. Look for transfer pen.
7. Sit back down after NOT finding transfer pen.
8. Remove cat from lap. Wander around looking for interfacing since chosen clothing is knit tshirt.
9. Sit back down. Begin to get grumpy since apparently there is NO interfacing in house.
10. Notice cat is giving me the side eye. Remove cat from lap anyway.
11. Gather supplies that ARE in house. Decide firmly that current motivation level is enough to complete project, but not enough to actually leave house to get missing supplies even though missing supplies are perhaps very important.
12. Eyeball placement of fox on shirt. Start to free hand embroidery. Tell self interfacing and patterns and transfer pens are for chumps and totally not needed.
13. Embroider fox. Notice mistake. Rip out 60% of stitches.
14. Learn JUST HOW MUCH cat loves and hates embroidery thread.
15. Keeps cat from killing and eating thread.
16. Finish fox. Be pleased with self. Show cat. Cat unimpressed.
17. Congratulate self for ACTUALLY FINISHING a project since a finished project in my house is about as rare as a sasquatch sighting.