Sunday, June 14, 2015

I Try And Learn From My Mistakes. After Throwing a Small Hissy Fit.

I'd love to say I'm so patient I never get annoyed and can never be seen grumbling at the art I'm making like it's the ART'S fault it's not perfect.

After all these years I am still learning.

Generally I really am a patient person. My favorite job I ever had was repairing and re-stringing pearls when I was in college. I could sit there hunched over all day placing tight little neat knots between each little pearl. It was meditative and delightfully tactile. I loved it for the same reason I love beads and embroidery.

You gotta be at least a little anal retentive to enjoy that, a little OCD-like, right?

Anyway. So. I HAVE MADE PILLOWS. I made some star shaped pillows that aren't really all that exciting but I find them mildly cute. I also made two hand drawn pillows. Those were fun. I learned the hard way (or re-learned) how important it is to allow for a nice seam allowance.

He was supposed to have a seam allowance all the way around, but I was rushing and sort of forgot that part when sewing around his butt. So he's got a white border around his face but not his back end. But it's ok. I still like him.
And here's the next pillow endeavor. It's a fox. Done late at night, late enough for thoughts of seam allowances to fall right out of my head. But I realized at the last minute and just basically gave him no seam allowance, or very little. At least he's even all around.
This possibly may only make sense to me. Why am I babbling about this?
I'll make the next post more interesting. Promise. Maybe I'll video myself drawing something. That's always fun. I know I love to watch other artists draw. It's like seeing inside their thought process. Always cool. 

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